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About the world tour

"I love ladies circle! And from my point of view, more ladies from around the world, should have the opportunity to become a member of our organisation.

Therefore I will now go on my world tour, for promotion of LC world wide."

Ladies Circle World Tour - step by step


Promoting Ladies Circle International.

40 countries within LCI 2024

As a person, I dream of making a difference for others.
The organization Ladies Circle gives me a unique opportunity for this.

For all the good I already recieved from LC, I now want to give back a little. I do believe that I can achieve this goal, helping to draw more attention to the Ladies Circle. This through insparing stories from my fellow ladies around the world.

NOTE: This project is self financed, and all merchandise will support travel-expenses.

The goal is to visit all 40 ladies circle countries within LCI 2024.

I want to visit ladies, clubs and national service projects, to increase my own knowledge of the many different ways to be a ladies circler.

At the same time, some products are produced which can convey everything we embrace as an international organisation.

For each LC country I would like to produce 5 podcast episodes

(in English).

My goal is to meet with the National President in each country.
2 "ordinary" ladies circlers.
One responsible for the national service project and a tangent/agora (formerly ladies circler).

The podcast will be available on most platforms - for free.


All the podcasting and interviews will be generated into a


A Book (in English) with 40 captures - one for each LC country!

The book will be in presale soon!

Friendship & Service

With out support this project will not succed. So in advance - THANK you all for supporting me with the Ladies Circle World Tour.

Yours in Friendship and Service!


Let's Get

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Travel Plan

Travel plans

Soon I will be updating the travel plans!

You can download the first draft of my travel plans here (thank you

If you have any suggestions for my travel plans - please let me know. Espeacilly ind Parcific Asian region and Africa, I will need some travel support.